Family member of British citizens or settled persons-Entry clearance.

This visa will allow family member to join their British nationals or settled family in the UK. For example if you are a spouse, fiancé, unmarried partner/ civil partner, parent/ child you can contact our expert immigration solicitors to help you with the process.

There are many categories in which you can apply under:

  • Marriage visa;
  • Fiancé visa;
  • Spouse visa;
  • Unmarried partner;
  • Proposed Civil Partner;
  • Parent of a British or Settled child;
  • Child of a settled person;
  • Adopted child Entry Clearance;

EEA National Entry Clearance:

  • EEA Family Permit;
  • Family Reunion;

Call our expert Immigration lawyer who can advise you about the relevant criteria under the immigration rules. We will check your eligibility and circumstances in detail and will guide you through. Once we receive your instruction we will provide you full and extensive documentation list on the basis of Immigration rule.