European Economic Family Member (EEA FM)

EEA FM application allows relatives of “qualifying” EEA nationals who wish to apply for a registration certificate as an EEA national or a residence card if they are a non-EEA national.

A qualifying EEA national refers to a person who is or was in the UK working, seeking employment or studying, or has permanent right of residence in the UK under EEA regulations 2016.

In order for you to be a Family member you will need to either be the:

  • spouse or civil partner,
  • child or grandchild under the age of 21, or
  • dependent parent/grandparent

of the EEA national to use the form EEA FM.

The proof of the above such as marriage certificate, birth certificate is required in order to prove that you are a relative along with proof that you are a qualifying person under the EEA Regulations 2016. The cost of an application is £65. Successful applicant will be granted a 5 years visa with no restrictions.