Commercial Law

Commercial Laws:
Commercial Law concerns anything from sole traders to trading partnerships and corporations, nationally and internationally. All aspect of Business Law are covered under this heading

Business Affairs:
MLS can provide business legal services for sole traders, partnerships, companies ( SMEs ) at competitive rates. We have access to barristers chambers who help us provide a first rate and expert service in all areas of commercial practice.

Debt Collection:
Unfortunately not everyone pays money when its due, and sometimes not at all. Our expertise in efficient debt collection litigation is available for individual, small business and large scale corporate clients, based on years specialized experience

Company Formations:
MLS. can provide assistance with start-ups, business expansions, acquisitions, disposals, and terminations. We can offer advice and services on incorporating a company and on the management and administration of the companys affairs.

Commercial Mediation:
Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which seeks to avoid the necessity of Court action and the associated costs and risks, by working directly with the parties to see is a mutually satisfactory solution to the parties problems can be achieved