Application of Further Leave to Remain/ Extension

Once you successfully get the entry Clearance visa you may be able to apply for further leave to remain/ extension. This procedure could be very complicated and time taking. Our immigration solicitor will check your eligibility and all the required documents thoroughly before we submit your application to the Home Office.

Some of the common applications in this category are:

  • Spouse visa extension – under 5 years route or 10 years route -FLR (M) or FLR (FP);
  • Civil Partner visa extension;
  • Unmarried Partner visa extension;
  • Same sex Partner visa extension;
  • Tier 2 General extension;
  • Dependant of Tier 2;
  • UK ancestry visa extension;
  • Discretionary Leave extension;
  • Extension of leave to remain as a Stateless Person;
  • Family member of a Stateless Person;
  • Leave to Remain on 7 years Child Residence;
  • Extension on the basis of 20 years Long Residence;
  • Extension on the basis of 10 years Long Residence.


The above is just an extracted list which is very common however, if your category is not listed above please call our Immigration experts to discuss your case in detail. We will assess your case for free and will advise you on the basis of your own circumstance.