About Us

UK Immigration rules are very complex and are constantly changing, just recently the Immigration process has changed a lot. Our Immigration lawyers understand dealing in a Immigration matter could be very costly and time consuming, therefore our Immigration Solicitor’s main motive is to achieve our client’s expectations within reasonable fees.

Our Immigration Solicitors fully understand the UK Immigration law, and are always prepared to fight for your case.

Malik Legal Solicitors is committed to providing high quality practical advice and professional services to a wide range of clientele ranging from individuals to large multinational corporations, small businesses and partnerships in all aspects of business immigration. Our services includes international assistance, which has attracted substantial investment to the United Kingdom including assisting overseas nationals wanting to invest in the UK. We provide services from the start of your matter to the completion.

What distinguishes us from many other firms is our business-like approach to solving our clients’ legal problems. We recognise that the most aggressive (and expensive) strategy may not always be the best “solution to a client’s problem”. We also recognise that most clients would prefer to spend less money to achieve the result than spend more. The success of our work for each client is the direct result of a gritty determination to be the very best at what we do. If we accept a client, that acceptance comes with our commitment that we can and will fulfil his/her demands and where possible, we strive to provide you with Solicitors who are able to communicate in your language.

We maintain an enviable reputation and an outstanding success rate of second-to- none to date in the approval of our clients’ UK Visa applications by tough immigration authorities. We shall continue to put our best efforts into maintaining the highest level of success and make a difference in our clients’ lives.